Woodland Wharf Kayak and Canoe Launch

Directions: For directions, please visit this map

Use: Kayaks and Canoes

Water: Tidal, fresh

Current: Strong. Going against the current can make for a difficult paddle.

Depth: Deep, typically between 4 and 4.5 meters in depth.

Parking: Yes: Gravel lot. There are also bike racks available.

Restrooms: Seasonally

Fees: No

Managed by: Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

Accessible: Yes

Boat Ramp or Pier: Kayak and canoe launch from dock.

Picnic Area: No

Swimming: No

Special Notes: The Woodland Wharf Kayak and Canoe Launch is located in close proximity to the Woodland Ferry. The current is quite strong in this portion of the river, please be aware of your surroundings and the ferry location when launching from this site. It may not be suitable to those who are new to kayaking or canoeing.

The kayak and canoe dock launch.
The Woodland Ferry is located next to kayak and canoe launch.