Visit the Trail

There are over 25 public launches, boat ramps, and piers providing boaters with access to the Nanticoke River and nearby Fishing Bay. Please navigate through the links on the right hand side of this page, or view the map below, for information about each site. Sample itineraries have also been included, to help you get started on your Nanticoke adventure.

Trip Itineraries

Looking for inspiration to plan your paddling adventure? If so, you have come to the right place! The following trip itineraries are great for those new to the Nanticoke, or for those who want a tried-and-true paddle of a specific length or duration.

Barren Creek – Starting from the public boat ramp at Mardela Springs, this scenic paddle will take you downstream to the Nanticoke River and, if you are up for it, across the river to some attractions in nearby Vienna.

Broad Creek – Starting from Roger C. Fisher Park in Laurel, paddle past forested shorelines and transition into more a more open landscape just south of Bethel. End your journey at Ed Koch or extend your journey (and make it more difficult) by continuing to Phillips Landing, near the confluence with the Nanticoke River.

Chicone Creek – Starting from Vienna, travel upstream along the western bank of the Nanticoke River. Shortly after passing under the Rt. 50 bridge lies the Chicone Creek, the destination of this trip. While the first portion of this trip can be somewhat of a challenge, once you make the left-hand turn into the Chicone, the trip will become much easier. This is a great trip for paddlers to explore one of the areas that John Smith himself visited while on the Nanticoke.

Wetipquin Paddle – Starting from the Wetipquin Boat Ramp in Tyaskin, this relatively easy paddle will take you upstream through a largely undeveloped landscape of both marshes and forest cover. If you so choose, you can also paddle downstream to enter the Nanticoke River.