Federalsburg Nature Trail

Duration: 1.5 hours
Distance: 4.5 miles total 
Address: S. Main Street Federalsburg, MD 21632
Coordinates: 38.687861, -75.771079 
Link to page: https://www.carolinemd.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/-50
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re looking for a trail along the water, Federalsburg Nature Trail is a great choice. It is located right along the Marshyhope Creek with a nearby playground and picnic benches. There is parking available at the Federalsburg Marina, and the park is free to access. There is a north and south end to the trail with distinct features. The Town of Federalsburg manages this trail. 

During the 1850s, Federalsburg was a very prosperous trading town. Lumber, in particular, was a massive resource used in the early 1900s to build ships. Today, the area includes historical landmarks that show you the importance of remembering the past. The town is also home to the very active Federalsburg Historical Society & Museum, which is not far from the north end of the trail.

The north end consists of a casual walk with plenty of picnic areas and playgrounds. Meanwhile, the south end is a gravel path made for birdwatching and nature-goers. The north path leads to a loop, bringing you back to the Federalsburg Marina. Alternatively, the south path leads to a bridge over a small pond, then to the VFW Boat Ramp on the creek. Be sure to bring bug spray and shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty for the south path. Both directions will provide maps along the trail.

A beautiful sight at the pond.
A bridge path near the water.
A view of the pond bridge.
A trail path right along the water.
Painted turtle by Alan Emerson