Linkwood Wildlife Management Area

Duration: 15 minutes
Distance: > 1 mile
Address: Linkwood, MD 21835 (unnamed road off of Route 50) 
Coordinates: 38.533912, -75.939864
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Difficulty: Hard

Linkwood Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a short, yet challenging trail. It is free to enter, but there are no amenities. Also, it is not wheelchair-accessible. During and after it rains, there will be large puddles throughout the area. There are also high grasses, uneven paths, and obstacles. The Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service manages this area.

Part of a much larger forest, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources bought Linkwood to preserve the endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel. In the summer, it is also home to migratory songbirds such as the scarlet tanager, who travel from South and Central America to Delmarva.

Something to keep in mind when visiting Linkwood is that hunting is permitted. Linkwood’s forest also has a large white-tailed deer population. As for the trails, they are maintained but not actively marked.

A trail path with some high grass.
A trail path with fallen sticks and high grass.
A semi-open area along one of the trail paths.
White-tailed deer by Alan Emerson