Marshyhope Bird Trail

Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 2.9 miles
Address: N. Tara Rd., Federalsburg, Maryland 
Coordinates: 38.656177, -75.786561
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Difficulty: Hard

Marshyhope Bird Trail is a part of Chesapeake Forest Lands. Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources manages this site. There are two trails: East and West. Parking is also limited, but the area is free to enter.

This trail is home to over 130 different species such as wood ducks, wild turkeys, and woodpeckers. Additionally, it is a part of the Marshyhope Complex, a small fraction of 73,000 acres of the Chesapeake Forest Lands. This land makes up 12% of all productive forests in the area.

As stated above, the Marshyhope Bird Trail is actually two trails. The East trail is marked with red markers and is a medium difficulty hike. It includes fallen trees, uneven paths, and elevation changes. Marked by blue markers, the West trail is harder due to very high grass, small markers every so often, and lots of ivy and roots that you may trip over.When taking the East trail, you will end up near the Marshyhope Creek. The West trail is not well-maintained and thus makes it difficult to navigate at times.

Two paths on the east loop.
A trail path hidden by the very high grass.
A full look at the high grasses.
A view of Marshyhope Creek from the trail path.
Pileated woodpecker by Alan Emerson