Redden State Forest (Headquarters Tract)

Duration: 1.5 hours
Distance: 4 miles
Address: 18074 Redden Forest Dr., Georgetown, DE 19947
Coordinates: 38.740792, -75.413206
Link to county page:
Difficulty: Easy

Redden State Forest (Headquarters Tract) offers a place to learn about local history, birdwatch, and go on an easy hike. Despite not having amenities on the trail, there is a visitor center and camping areas with bathrooms. Parking is also nearby at the visitor’s lot. At the visitor center, you can find a map of the trail in the brochure section. The area is mostly-shaded and wheelchair accessible. It is also free to enter. Delaware Forest Service manages the forest.

On the trail, you will find the historic Redden Lodge. The lodge was built in 1877 by the Pennsylvania Railroad and used by railroad executives for conferences and hunting excursions. Today, the lodge is used for meetings and family gatherings, among other events. When entering the park, you will drive over the historic railroad tracks. Additionally, Redden State Forest is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States.

While on the trail, you can expect to see hardwood trees and loblolly pine. The loblollies, in particular, are very tall and large. You will also find bridges, swamps, and meadows. Additionally, there are smaller paths that go off from the main trail. Overall, there is plenty to see, explore, and learn about here at Redden State Forest (Headquarters Tract).

Several trees along the path.
An open-space before the trail narrows.
A very wide trail path.
A bridge path on the trail.