Tom Tyler Nature Trail

Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 1.25 miles
Address: Old Bradley Rd. Mardela Springs, MD
Coordinates: 38.484966, -75.783061
Link to county page:
Difficulty: Medium

Tom Tyler Nature Trail is a part of Chesapeake Forest Lands. Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources manages the site. The trail consists of two major trails with additional small side trails. The main loop is .5 miles, and the tree loop is .75 miles. On the tree loop, there are 15 different species of trees. Both trails are very similar. They are both medium difficulty because of the number of obstacles in the way, uneven pathways, high grasses, and skinny paths. Due to these obstacles, it is not wheelchair-accessible. Parking is on a small dirt loop, and the only amenity is a picnic area half a mile into the trail. It is, however, free to access.

The namesake of the trail, Tom Tyler, was an ex-logger who began creating the trail path on one of the logging tracts. It was an effort to show the importance of conservation. Unfortunately, Tom passed away before its completion. Shortly after his death, the DNR Forest Service acquired the land for timber harvesting and recreational purposes. Today, the trail serves mainly for recreational purposes. In 2013, Nanticoke Watershed Alliance’s Chesapeake Conservation Corps Member Tyler Walton led a trail refresh project.

As mentioned above, you should expect difficulties with obstacles on the path. Also, given the tall grasses, you will want to bring bug spray. Along with the picnic area half a mile in, there is an information kiosk that provides information on the trails. In some areas, it can be hard to navigate. However, the trails are marked with green posts.

A wide trail path with growing grass.
A crowded trail path with high grass.
A very narrow trail path.
An open space along the trail.