Vienna Boat Ramp

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Directions: For directions, please visit this map.

Use: Canoes and kayaks to large motorboats

Water: Tidal; can have small amount of salinity during periods of hot, dry weather

Current: Strong. Going against the current can make for a difficult paddle.

Depth: Deep. This site is on the main stem of the river, so the main channel is approx. 30 feet deep, and the docks are deep enough for large powerboats (probably safe for a 10′ draft or less).

Parking: Yes, including handicapped spots.

Restrooms: No.

Fees: No

Managed by: Town of Vienna

Accessible: Yes

Boat Ramp or Pier: Yes, both are present. Floating docks and interpretive signage are also located along the riverfront in Vienna.

Picnic Area: Yes, there are plenty of grassy areas, as well as benches. 

Swimming: No

Special Notes: Barren Creek to Vienna paddle itinerary and a Vienna to Chicone Creek paddle itinerary are available.

The nearest restroom is located at Millie’s Road House Bar and Grill. 


Vienna pavilion

Vienna pavilion

Vienna Floating Docks

Vienna Floating Docks

Vienna boat ramp