Shorters Wharf (G. Reese Todd Public Landing)

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Directions: For directions, please visit this map

Use: Canoes, kayaks, small boats.

Water: Brackish

Current: Strong

Depth: No portage required.

Parking: Yes. Paved lot.

Restrooms: Porta-potty

Fees: No

Managed by: Dorchester County Dep’t Public Works, Highway Division

Accessible: No

Boat Ramp or Pier: Yes. Concrete ramp.

Picnic Area: No

Swimming: No

Special Notes: Tides can be problematic. Driving to location requires caution, as roads often flood during high tide. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge highly recommends that paddlers purchase a BNWR trail guide from the visitors center. Trail may be inaccessible during winter. Do not exit the boat in the marsh.

Additional information about this access site, provided by MD DNR, is available here.

G. Reese Todd Public Landing Sign

G. Reese Todd Public Landing Sign

Shorters Wharf sign

Shorters Wharf sign

Shorters Wharf Boat Ramp

Shorters Wharf Boat Ramp

Closure Sign BNWR

Closure Sign BNWR – All water accessible areas of BNWR are closed to boaters from Oct. 1 until March 31.

 Blackwater at Shorters Wharf

Blackwater at Shorters Wharf